Why you should tell others how much you donate to charity

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Be honest, when was the last time you donated to charity? And how much did you give? Last month, 4 euros. Last Christmas, actually. That was ten euros, I donated. And… did you tell your friends or family that you made a donation? No, I haven’t. No, I didn’t tell anyone. Well, according to research by Pamala Wiepking of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, if you really want to support charity, you should tell others about your donation. I study why people make philanthropic donations. One of the conclusions of our research is that when people see other people give, or when they hear about other people’s donations, that may inspire them to also give. It shows that this is something you can also do with your money and that it can be very rewarding.

It can be rewarding because you give something to someone else and that feels really nice. But it can also be rewarding in a social sense. When people give money, they are typically perceived as being a pro-social, good person. When you see other people give, this sets an example what you can also do with your money. And we know from research that it is very important that you have a culture of philanthropy, where people openly discuss their donations. because that inspires other people to do the same. In the Dutch culture, we typically don’t talk about donations, because of our strict protestant religious heritage. In this culture, you don’t talk about money, you don’t talk about your income, and you don’t talk about donations. This is something between the person making the donation and God. But in order to change this culture, and create a true culture of philanthropy, it’s important that we change that and we start talking publicly about our donations. So next time, would you tell others? Yes.

Yes, I would, definitely. .

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