Sell My Structured Settlement Payments for Cash

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Hi my name is Doctor Vanderloop and I come to you today because I actually had some of my patients as well as my family members that had to do their own wealth structured settlements. In other words they had a lawsuit that took place where it was medical or a major accident. A lot of people don’t know what a structured settlement is, but basically it is, it is an annuity that pays out over a period of time versus all up front. So in other words, certain people would have you know, paid out monthly, on certain times out of the year, some even have payment up front. But each person can vary structured settlement but the idea is that pay you out over a period of time. The nice part about it is you don’t have to sell your whole annuity if you want you can sell a portion of it for the money you need at the present time.

Normally it takes sixty to ninety days to be able to get your hands on the cash. It can vary from individual from individual but over all the normal case is sixty to ninety days. Another question we get a lot is, is do I need an attorney, do I need a lawyer? Certain states yes you do, other ones no you do not. So it’s best for you to get some independent counsel on your own to find out about that or the best idea and solution I can have for you is actually give us a call or in other words click on the link below where we can contact you and give you more information and let you know what is available to you.


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