Janet Ward Black: Mesothelioma Attorney in North Carolina: Asbestos Lawyer

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The mission of this law firm is to represent injured people. We protect people’s rights. We do that in car wreck cases, workers compensation, asbestos disease, environmental pollution cases, we just represent anyone who has injuries and needs help. I think sometimes people don’t call lawyers because they think they can afford them, but we represent people on a contingency basis, and what that means is that if that person doesn’t get compensation as a result of our work we don’t get paid. We have staff, we have technology, that can support even the most complicated of cases and we have individuals here who speak with power. I’m a fighter if my client’s case needs to go to trial I’ll take it to trail. My clients will get their day in court if the insurance companies won’t give them a fair settlement.

I think we serve our clients exceptionally well because of the amazing staff we have, we have a staff of about 20 people and if you added together all of our years of experience together, it would probably be somewhere around a hundred and fifty years that we’ve worked together. I love helping people, they’re not many professions in which you can go to work everyday and know that you are going to do some good for somebody. We’re very involved in our community, urban ministries, battered women’s shelter, Toys for Tots Operation Christmas Child, we work hard with the North Carolina Bar Association to provide free legal services to people who can’t afford them. So we choose a number of different projects to help make our community a better place. My personal philosophy for this law firm is that all of us be committed, to protecting people’s rights. That we do the right thing for everybody that we represent that we take each case, no matter how large or how small very seriously and do an excellent job for each client.

We give everyday people a powerful voice so that they’ll be treated fairly. .

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